Bricks is moving forward again,

The new concept, domestic online fundraising is gaining traction but there are still too many small charities out there that are not in the loop of modern fundraising. China is like that- ahead of the curve on many technological changes, but behind the wall on things we take for granted. Many charities just don't have the self confidence to play in the shiny new sandpit which is online fundraising.
Sweeten the Pot creates an added incentive to participate; coaxing them with the promise of a matching donation for every rmb they raise locally on line. And it works!

Teaching them a lesson
This Christmas  10 small charities offering a range of services to those left behind by the extraordinary changes in China, will learn that they can raise funds on line, and your donation will be the encouragement they need to try! Judging by previous appeals, we expect that every coin you give will raise a FURTHER 1.5 coins locally.

These are the projects that you will be helping
if you “sweeten the pot”.
There are fuller descriptions (in Chinese) as well as, for those who use “Wechat”,  an opportunity to donate to individual projects here

Christmas Double 2017

Christmas Gift
Xinjiang Duanmin Children Home, Shanxi
Buy office computers and kitchenware

Autistic Children's Art Class
Renai Social Service Center, Tianjin
The art classes and dance lessons for 80 autistic children

Caring For The Elderly Equal Caring For Ourself In Fu
Jilin Tianji Social Service Center
Activities for 20 lonely elders

Art Class With Volunteers
ChuanTong ShuHua Group, Xingtai
Volunteers' art training for charity activities

Rural Youth Camp
Xin Lian Xin Social Service, Xianxian
The growth camp for 30 lonely disabled children

Warm In The Winter
Tian Yuan Yizhi training school
Heating equipment remodeling

To the elderly a warm, happy old age
Yanjiao The Ark of Charity Home, Langfang
activities for the elderly

A Little Warm, A Little Love
Shuangshu Ai De Service Team, Tianjin
Home visiting for lonely poor people

Starry Starry Night
Shengxin Children Kindergarten, Langfang
Kitchen and fire facilities remodeling

Offer The Seniors Have A Happy Christmas
Daming Sigao Elderly Home, Handan
Buy the kitchenware for Elderly Home,and the living cost for lonely elderly in home visiting